LemonTree in Stores Soon with a New, Exciting and Fresh Look!

Introduction to LemonTree

We’re excited to introduce Tilda Fabrics to the USA quilting and fabric industry for 2018. If you haven’t already seen, LemonTree will be in stores mid-February. In each range you will find 20 fresh fabric designs. Tone Finnanger, the Norwegian designer of LemonTree has been inspired by the Spring season. “Imagine breakfast under a lemon tree somewhere warm and delicious. You are surrounded by mosaic pots with fragrant herbs. Colorful dresses dying instantly on the cloths line strung brunches. The LemonTree collection was inspired by this image and the longing that comes with it.”    - Tone Finnanger


Tilda Magazine Launch - LemonTree 

LemonTree has been featured in the magazine, Love Patchwork and Quilting & Todays Quilting and Patchwork . You will see the LemonTree image in the front of the magazine. Issue date is  January 25th, so be sure to grab your Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.


Tilda Designers - LemonTree 

We are privileged to have some of the top designers working with Tilda LemonTree fabric. We left it up to their creativity to produce some amazing projects.

Please follow our designers in support of their hard work and inspiration to the industry. We have linked their Instagram bio below.

@aqua_Paisley   @Stitchingnotes   @Zeriano   @colorgirl   @emily_dennis   @quiltstorymeg

We interviewed one of our amazing designers. Thanks to Stitching post, Larisa has shared a beautiful description on “what excites her about Tilda Fabric?”

“I have been admiring Tilda collections for a while now and the first thing that always attracts and excites me about Tilda is the combination of colours, then come the intricate details of each print. Tilda florals always bring sweet memories of my childhood. Summer days, my grandparents' garden with beautiful flowers and delicious berries, strawberry jam cooking on a stove, the heat of the midday sun, the fluttering butterflies...”

To order the full range of LemonTree click here.

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Can you tell me where I can buy Tilda products in the  US.

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