Meet Tilda’s Friends

Tilda’s friends are an adorable collection of readymade dolls. Don’t miss your chance to get cosy with these cute, whimsical dolls, and create a special friend for a little loved one, or for you!

Dress them with your favourite doll clothes, embellish them and make them yours. The pre-sewn Tilda dolls are flying off the shelves. We have elephants, giraffes, dogs, cats, foxes and hares, ranging in height from 19 to 21.5 inches, so there’s plenty to cuddle! Which animal is your favourite?

Tilda Friends are perfect for those of you who think doll sewing is a bit daunting but love to make clothes and accessories and are approved for children of all ages.


Click through the link to become a stockist or send us an email and we can help from there.


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