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Announcing the New Distributor for the Tilda Brand

Devonstone Square has announced that it is the new wholesale distributor for Tilda® fabrics and accessories throughout the USA. Devonstone Square has also announced its inaugural booth at the Quilt Market Houston, October 28-30, 2017.

As an exciting new boutique player in the USA patchwork and quilting market, Devonstone Square is delighted to share the whimsical world of Tilda with American retailers.

“Tilda fabrics and accessories have a distinctly European style that’s fresh, whimsical and chic,” says Devonstone Square. “The designs spring from the imagination of Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger and perfectly capture the modern and sweet Scandinavian style that is so popular with discerning crafters around the world.”

While it may be a new company, Devonstone Square comes with decades of expertise in the patchwork and quilting industry. It has been established by a family with more than 25 years of direct industry experience – not to mention a close and longstanding relationship with Tilda designer Tone Finnanger.

“The Tilda brand is the perfect fit for us,” it says. “We pride ourselves on only working with premium brands to offer high-quality merchandise that will inspire customers to take the creative route. Following the success of Two Green Zebras, the exclusive distributors of Tilda in Australia and New Zealand since 2012, we felt it was high time the USA audience discovered the joy of Tilda.”

Devonstone Square is proud to partner with Tilda Fabrics to bring Tilda fabrics and accessories to the USA marketplace, along with endless inspiration plus a strong commitment to personalized service.

An innovative and enthusiastic supplier rich in industry experience, Devonstone Square has worked closely with Tone Finnanger and her team in Norway to develop a comprehensive marketing program, ensuring every US retailer is well supported when they choose Tilda.

Along with priority access to the latest fabric collections, accessories and books direct from Europe, Devonstone Square retailers will enjoy exclusive programs, pre-season previews and samples, digital image portfolios and personalized service with a family spirit.

“We’re a hands-on family business,” says Devonstone Square. “We encourage all our retailers to call or connect with us anyway they feel comfortable, as often as they need. We have every confidence in the quality and integrity of our products and brand partners, and will be supporting them with extensive marketing programs and highly compelling social media activity. So take the creative route and join us on our new journey!”

Tilda fabrics andaccessories are available exclusively to the trade via Devonstone Square. Shop the complete collection at or visit Booth 1258 at Quilt Market Houston, October 28-30, 2017.

Follow Devonstone Square on Instagram @tildafabrics_usa.


Family owned and operated, Devonstone Square is a brand-new company founded in 2017. We are the new wholesale distributor of Tilda fabrics and accessories in the USA through our partnership with Tilda Fabrics and our association with Two Green Zebras Pty Ltd, which has been successfully distributing Tilda products exclusively in Australia and New Zealand since 2012. A boutique business, we have more than 25 years of international industry experience, and a special passion for fostering high-end brands and creative talent in the patchwork and quilting market.


Founded by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger in 1999, Tilda is a premium craft brand comprising fabrics, craft books and accessories. The Tilda look is described as “perfectly imperfect”, with sweet florals, whimsical animals and dolls all signature features of Tone’s collections.

Tilda presents four new Tilda collections each year; spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each collection contains a series of new quilt fabrics and sewing haberdashery such as buttons, ribbons and quilt labels. In addition, they produce pre-made Tilda dolls under the brand Tilda Friends.

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